Charles Phoenix Offers Tips for Finding a Keynote Speaker

Charles Phoenix


If you’re a lawyer, you know that there are many different conferences available each year themed around various topics and trends in the legal field. Of the many factors that will determine whether or not your event is a success, choosing a good keynote speaker is certainly on the top of the list.

Charles Phoenix is a lawyer who has had the honor of speaking at a number of legal events and educational seminars, while attending many more. He has spoken on real estate and secured transactions law, successful litigation strategies, crafting effective dispute resolution letters, and more. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, Charles Phoenix, offers the following advice:

Plan Well Ahead: Professional speakers are a hot commodity. Just as with any other commodity, the best ones are in high demand. This means you should try to secure a keynote speaker at least six months in advance, and you will need to come up with a theme and basic understanding of what your conference will be about beforehand so you hire a relevant keynote speaker.

Consider What Kind of a Role Your Keynote Speaker Will Play: There are many different types of keynote speakers. One of the most common types of speakers is an information speaker. He or she has been hired to provide information to an audience. Another kind of keynote speaker is an inspirational or motivational speaker. The goal here is to motivate and inspire the audience and leave them ready to overcome new challenges and see the world differently.

Look at Your Audience and See How They Would React to the Speaker’s Style: The truth is that every speaker is different. He or she may use different presentation types and rhetorical strategies to get his or her message across. Some use PowerPoint and stick to the script. Others use humor and speak from the heart. A keynote speaker’s success will rely, in part, on how well the audience accepts him or her. Keep the potential audience in mind when choosing a speaker.

Company Involved in Class-Action Charles Phoenix Helped Litigate Files for Bankruptcy

Last month 21st Century Oncology, a cancer care giant whose headquarters are in Fort Myers, FL, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company was forced to do so because it is currently facing multiple class-action lawsuits and financial problems stemming from several multi-million dollar settlements. The healthcare company has also had two leadership changes recently and defaulted on a $25 million interest payment. In total, 21ST Century Oncology has debts of $1 billion and is seeking to reduce that amount by half through financial restructuring.

According to a statement released by the company, patients should not see any changes that will affect their healthcare. Their facilities will remain open, and their doctors will not change. However, it would be safe to say that 21st Century Oncology has a lot of challenges ahead of it that will make their plans difficult. For example, it is facing multiple class-action lawsuits, including one that Charles Phoenix is a lawyer on the steering committee against 21 Century Oncology.

21st Century Oncology has had numerous financial problems over the past few years. It paid nearly $20 million to settle federal allegations stemming from unnecessary bladder cancer tests that they billed Medicare and Tricare for. In March of 2016, it settled a whistle-blower lawsuit for more $34 million. Also, several doctors who work for 21st Century Oncology were fined for millions of dollars because of their involvement in excessive testing. There was an office pool that rewarded the doctors who billed the most for medical tests.